Product Roadmap

Get the low down on our development efforts

The Roadmap

We continue developing SSH Key Management for Teams and have several high-level roadmap items to complete. This list is not ordered or prioritised. If you are looking for a particular feature, contact us.

ISO 27001

Jadaptive Limited has started the ISO journey and is now fully on the path to ISO 27001 accreditation. Whilst this may not be a feature of the software, it’s ingrained into the evolution of the company and an important part of our work.

Support for other vendors’ software

The SSH Key Management for Teams solution focuses on OpenSSH servers and the authorized_keys configuration. We plan to add support for as many different SSH server vendors as we can.

OpenSSH certificate authority

Allow the Administrator to define an OpenSSH Certificate Authority and add the ability to issue new keys and certificates.

Push strategy

Public keys are synchronized using different strategies, with kdeploy picking the best strategy for the server profile. Ideally, all servers would support the OpenSSH AuthorizedKeysCommand directive, but not all servers are created equal.

Having the ability to push keys to a server is a key feature in our roadmap.

More authentication methods

Adding other options for two-factor authentication, including TOTP, Duo, Yubikey and others.

Improved event log

The event log provides full auditing capabilities to your domain. We plan to expand the features of this service to provide better filtering with the ability to save and schedule reports.

A graphical user interface for kdeploy

A graphical user interface will further streamline the deployment process, making features like network scanning possible.

Server hardening and lockdown

With kdeploy it is already possible to turn off password authentication and permit root access to public key only when provisioning a server. We plan to go further by providing features that ensure all accounts are locked down, and that access can only be made through the accounts managed by the key server.

Secure Key Storage

Stop storing keys on your desktop and secure them securely on your mobile phone. Working with the Desktop Agent software, the agent will be able to temporarily lease the keys, keeping them encrypted in memory during their time away from the mobile vault. Biometric access controls will allow the vault to remain secure and authorize the transfer of the temporary lease of keys to the agent.