SSH Key Management for Teams

Centralized SSH key management that is simple to set up, easy to use, and easy to deploy.

Say Goodbye to authorized_keys files

Centralize the configuration and management of SSH Keys across your data centre, enforce key rotation policy and provide access to groups of servers with a simple assignment operation.

How it Works

Features and Benefits

Centralized Key Database

No more editing authorized_keys files. Store all your user public keys in a centralized key database.

Key Rotation Policy

Enforce a key rotation policy across your network, expire keys and enforce algorithm and bit strength.

Use Existing Clients

Use standard SSH clients, scripts and routines. The only change enforced on users is to upload or generate keys in the portal.

Role-based Assignment

Assign accounts to users using role-based access controls. Access to countless servers can be assigned with a single click.

Automated Configuration

Our platform provides helper utilities that make configuring the SSH server for key management a one-click process.

Notifications and Alerts

Alert users when keys are expiring and need rotating. Notify users when their server assignments change.

Why Us?

Two Decades of Service

Jadaptive Limited has been developing cross-platform SSH solutions for two decades. With open-source and commercial SSH APIs, our products can be found in many blue-chip solutions, with over half of the top ten Managed File Transfer providers using our SSH/SFTP server.


Jadaptive is trusted by hundreds of leading companies worldwide

Simply brilliant cloud-based key management for everyone.

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